Double glaze companies rated

We have asked more than 3,000 double glazing clients to rate the firm they applied, including largest brands Safestyle, Everest and Anglian, as-well-as local firms and dealers. Our unique research what companies’ clients think of them and the outcomes might amaze you. There’s a huge difference between the top and low rated brands, 35 percentage points, in fact. The peak rating got customer score 85% and the lower is just 55%. Our outcomes also provide every huge company and locals, the rating for lots of vital factors. This includes quality items, installation and customer service, the mess made during the installation process and knowledge of employees.

Double glazing brands compared:

To help you decide which brand is the best, we asked clients to states how much satisfied they’re with a brand, and whether they’d recommend it a friend, which gathers to provide an overall score for every company. We asked them to rate a lot of aspects of the installation process and the sales. Such as a clarity of contract, how fine the installer connected & after sales support, from excellent to very poor!

Usual double glazing issues:

No matter how fine a brand is, there can sometimes remain to be issued. To help you avoid extreme pitfalls. We surveyed what problems they come across they received items. Some 75% did not have any issues at all, that’s encouraging. But that means 25 percent did. The most usual issue was that installation took much longer than set planned (more than 12 percent had this occur to them), so it is worth building an additional time in case this occurs.

Other usual issues were:

  • 15% windows did not fit as-well-as they should
  • 16% worker began later than planned
  • 11% scratched glass
  • 10% incorrect placements of parts/panes
  • 15% installers caused harm to the fixtures, fittings, and interiors
  • 12% damaged frame
  • 10% percent of installer didn’t leave keys for complete the windows
  • 10% some fittings ( screw head cover etc) were not installed
  • 10% installer cause the harm to the outside property
  • 10% installer left mass

Rates double glazing brands:

Last year we asked more than 3000 customers about experience with the brands they purchased double glazed doors and windows from and product installed by in the previous 3 years. Overall clients scores rated on how pleased were with the company, we also asked them all to rate the brands for lots of factors vital to the installation and sales of the double glazing items.



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