Energy Saving Tips Around the House

Hello fellow energy savers

In my crusade to help everybody with their energy saving I have put together a list of useful website and brands/products that people may not be aware of that. Anything products I put on this list will be endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and been tested by me. – a great energy saving advice website – lots of energy saving products fully tested by the Energy Saving Trust – Excellent energy efficient radiators, I have used these for years and they live up to their claims. – A fairly less well known product just recently endorsed by the EST. It’s an additive that goes in your radiator and claims to save up to 15% off your energy bills. I have been using it for the last 6 months and see a difference so definitely worth it.

Keep checking back and as and when I have tested products I will list them on here.


Use Your Appliances Effectively For Saving Energy

Article by Mark @ Endotherm

By saving energy you just do not make your pocket happy, you also make Mother Nature happy. Yes, the different appliances that you use throughout the day affect nature too in some or other way. Hence, it is necessary that you do something to prevent environmental degradation and what can be better than saving energy. It is beneficial for your pocket as well as for the environment.

Here let’s find out ways that will help in reducing the energy bills and make the environment smile at the same time.

With appliances around the home

By doing simple things with your appliances that you use in your home, you can save energy. Let’s find out ways.

  • Always keep the temperature of your freeze in between 3°C and 5°C. The temperature of the freezer should be maintained in between 15°C and -18°C. After this temperature every degree of lower temperature will consume about 5% more energy. Just think of the extra amount you will be paying throughout the year.
  • Make sure that the fridge door is sealed properly. To do this you can keep a strip of paper in between the door and the fridge body. If you can take out the paper easily, then consider sealing the fridge again.
  • While shopping for a new fridge chooses a 4 star model. It can save about $60 less every year when compared to the 2star rating fridge.
  • If you have dishwasher that was manufactured during early 90’s then consider changing it with a new model. Those models use twice water than the latest ones and also consume about 40% more energy. Energy efficient dishwashers are much better
  • While using your oven for cooking use the fan forced mode. This will cook food faster than the conventional settings.
  • While not using any electrical appliances do not leave them in standby mode. It too consumes electricity. Switch them off or unplug them.
  • While buying new appliances make sure you have checked the star rating. The more the star the more energy efficient will be the appliances.
  • Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Simple laundry tips

Yes, it is possible to conserve more energy even during cleaning your clothes. How? Read on

  • For drying your clothes use a line instead of drying them in dryer. It will help you save a lot throughout the year.
  • Of you are thinking for buying a new washing machine then choose one that has a fast spin cycle. If the washing machine has autosensing control that will switch off the machine the moment the clothes are dried choose such machine.
  • Choose a machine that has at least 4 stars rating in both water and energy.
  • Front load washing machines can do the same work with less water and energy consumption. So you may consider one.
  • While ironing, try to complete the whole bunch at the same time. It will save your time and energy that is required for heating and reheating the iron every time.

Yes, just following these simple things you can find that you have made a considerable change in energy consumption of your home.

Various Benefits Derived From Central Heating System

When you are residing in a place where there are extremes of temperature, it’s important that you have proper cooling and heating system installed in your home. By having a central heating system in comparison to the air conditioner you can get a lot of advantages. It just not keeps your home warm but also helps you in saving energy.

Now, when there is option in front of you to install either room by room air conditioner or a central heating system to keep the rooms heated during extreme cold. Once you know about central heating system and the benefits that you can derive from it, you will surely love to install it at your home and enjoy the winters.

Get options with your central heating and cooling system

Generally the central heating system is located at the most appropriate position of your home, from where it will be most convenient for the machine to heat the rooms. The boiler, furnace will heat the air or water that will be distributed throughout the system. The duct or pipes will spread the heat throughout your home.

Once you install the central heating system, you can find it a part of your home that is being utilized by you during summer and winters to stay chilled and warm respectively. Now, before you install them it’s necessary to weigh the options that you may get for heating system.

Water or air? What is preferable?

While installing the central heating system you will get option for hydronic heating where heated water is spread through the vents to different part of the home and make them warm. However, it has a drawback, when you use it at any region that has hot summer months, the ducts will not support the central heating system.

In such situation what comes user-friendly is air. With forced air system, you can get warm air during winters and cool air during summers. Although they are not much environment friendly, yet it is flexible and hence chosen by most.

Benefits of having central heating and cooling system

Finally, if you are still in a doubt that whether to install central heating and cooling system or not, learning about the benefits you derive from it will surely help you make up your mind.

  • It will give a quick response to the changes in temperature.
  • The humidity is controlled and the air too is filtrated. Thus provides you a healthy indoor environment.
  • It is used year round that helps in cleaning and circulating the fresh air within the home.
  • Quality of indoor air is very good compared to other method of heating like having a fireplace.
  • Latest technology is implemented making things more compact and automated.
  • Built in vents and registers helps to complete the operation quietly without any sound.
  • The fuel costs lowers and thus helps in minimizing the energy bills.

Thus, once you know about the various advantages that you get from central heating system in comparison to anything else, you will surely love to install it in your home and enjoy the season at its best